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06-26-03, 07:14 PM
Ok the gainward 5900 ultra is finally available at some online stores. However it's still just the reference design with a gainward sticker on it. The gainward 5900 non ultra is the red one with the 2 blue led fans. Do you think by next month gainward will have the 5900 ultra in red with the blue leds or is all the companies going to be stuck with the reference. Because the reference has a blower fan and those tend to have an irritating pitched sound to them. Damn I was just about to order one then it's the reference, and Gainward has also changed the pics of it on gainward.com to the reference.

06-26-03, 08:41 PM
I officially do not want to read the word "reference" for another 24 hours after that post.

I find it hard to believe that all of the 5900 Ultra cards will be reference designs. I'm sure they will introduce cards with different color PCBs and a logo sticker slapped on eventually. I'd wait on this card anyway, as the price is ridiculous right now.

06-26-03, 09:09 PM
well reference design looks much better than Gainwards board

06-26-03, 10:24 PM
I saw a preview of the Aopen 5900 Ultra card; it's not the reference fan/sink, and comes in a funky convertible backpack/bag.

06-27-03, 02:49 AM
"I officially do not want to read the word "reference" for another 24 hours after that post."


06-27-03, 12:15 PM
Yeah yeah, I made the post in 2 seconds while i was at work. Does anyone know if the Evga is the only one coming with a default clock of 500mhz on the gpu? What about the Gainward?

06-27-03, 09:10 PM
Gainward's web site says the core clock frequency is 400mhz. I'm assuming that's erroneous and the actual frequency is 450, at least I hope that's the case. http://www.gainward.com/c-1.html?id=97&opt=4

06-30-03, 10:51 AM
I guess it's set at 460/870 when you set enhanced mode. Even though gainward states it's 900 for the ram?
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