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10-08-09, 11:19 AM
All-new Warden's Keep add-on will launch alongside dark fantasy RPG Nov. 3; Stone Prisoner and Blood Armor also available immediately; first trailers inside.

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With Dragon Age: Origins' November 3 launch less than a month away, developer BioWare has unveiled its initial downloadable content plans for the game. Unlike with the role-playing game developer's previous project, the acclaimed sci-fi adventure Mass Effect, players won't have to wait long to expand the upcoming dark fantasy.

They won't have to wait at all, in fact.

BioWare today announced that Dragon Age: Origins will get its first downloadable expansion on day one. Called the Warden's Keep, the DLC will add a dungeon-based quest to the game along with six new abilities, a variety of items, and a base where players can trade with merchants. It will feature a supernatural storyline set in an ancient--and possibly haunted--fortress once used as a redoubt by the Grey Wardens, the ancient order at the center of Origins' main storyline. (A magic suit of Grey Warden armor will be one of the items in the add-on.)

The Warden's Keep will be available for MSP 560 ($7) on Xbox Live Marketplace and $7 on the PC on November 3. It will cost the same price on the PlayStation Store when the PlayStation 3 version of Dragon Age goes on sale later in November. It is not included with the regular or Collector's Edition of Dragon Age: Origins, although it is included in the Deluxe Digital Edition offered by online retailers.

Keep back already finished material, so you can charge more money for it. Bad EA


10-08-09, 12:05 PM
Don't get me wrong I love Bioware and are looking forward to Dragon Age, but this seems like more of a "we can't finish the game so we'll add it as a DLC" type of thing to me for some reason. :|

10-08-09, 01:49 PM
Well if you buy the Digital Version you get both DLC for free, if you get the retail you only one DLC for free. Funny thing is that the Digital Version is $5 more then the retail on Amazon.

10-08-09, 09:53 PM
I don' have a problem with it... not like the game isn't going to be worth $50 in the first place.

Don't want DLC? Don't buy it. Hoorah.

Mr. Hunt
10-08-09, 10:01 PM
I was originally uninterested in this dang game, and I wish it had stayed that way... but sadly I am interested now :(. Too many dang games coming out these next few months. Got Uncharted 2 Oct. 13, Borderlands the 20th, Ratchet and Clank the 27th, MW2 and GoW collection on November 11th, Assassins Creed 2 on the 17th or whatever, and now maybe this.. WTF?!?!