View Full Version : Rest in peace P5N32-E SLI...

sammy sung
10-13-09, 04:14 PM
My mobo died last night,quietly in his sleep.When i started it this morning,it coughed,loaded xp halfway and then stopped.It then failed to post and all attempts to resurrect it failed aswell,alas it was no more...

This marks the end of a long line of nvidia chipset motherboards for me,the last was also the worst(680i),it gave me headaches and instability many times so it will not be missed.I got a Asus P5Q-E to replace it (intel P45) and it fired up without any issues,detected the 8500 cpu and the 4 GB crucial ram (wich the P5N32 failed to do initially) The bios is confusing and a lot more advanced than the nvidia board so i'll have to educate myself before trying to overclock it anything.I know that it isn't the latest model but the rest of the stuff isnt either apart from the Gfx card .A lot of features for the small amount of money i paid for it,sofar i love it :thumbsup:


10-13-09, 11:09 PM
RIP Mobo. :(

Glad you got yourself a nice P45 board though. That's a damned fine chipset. :thumbsup: