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07-27-02, 10:51 PM
I have Morrowind and I want to give my brother a copy (we live in the same house so you can't accuse me of piracy). He burnt it without error BUT when he tries to install it it comes up with a strange error saying it cannot read a certain file.
He has a p3 800mhz
256mb PC 133 ram
Windows XP Home
Rico burner 32x read 16 write
Pioneer DVD cd-rom (some older one)
He tried installing the burnt copy from his Pioneer cd-rom (yes it can read normal cd's and not just DVD cd's), that way he will not need mine (I keep my Morrowind in cd in the cd-rom for a few days (Is that really bad?)).
BTW Everytime I buy a game I give my little bro a copy, is that piracy? I wouldn't think so.

07-27-02, 11:06 PM
Not all copy protection schemes are easy to bypass. One of the more effecient means of bypassing CD protection is to get either a Plextor or Lite-On burner and use CloneCD. Tell CloneCD what type CD it is (game in this instance) and hope it makes a 'perfect' copy.

You just have to realize 2 things:
1) There isn't a CD burner that can copy 'perfectly' every copy protection.

2) There isn't a copy protection that can be bypassed by every burner.

A perfectly legal site for doing what you're doing is http://www.gamecopyworld.com Its a site for people that want to play a game without the CD in their drive or in many cases the protection causes problems on certain CD drives. It has a use for pirates, but they don't give you CD keys or the actual games so its of very little use to pirates.

07-29-02, 04:17 AM
well actually copying a cd for anything other than personal use is actually piracy. For example, Microsoft allow you to install Windows XP on your home pc and your notebook, but 2 pcs is a no no!!

i dont think anyone actually listens to any of the companys, and i know for a fact that Clone CD 4 copys GTA 3 first time without fail!

Use that!

07-29-02, 05:47 AM
I think thats stupid that you cant use it as many times as you want if its in your own house. If you have 2 computers you should be able to install it on both.

07-29-02, 08:23 AM
true! but this is microsoft....

07-29-02, 02:16 PM
very true, they just want the money :rolleyes:

*smacks them*

07-29-02, 05:12 PM
My bros copying MW not WIndows lolz.