View Full Version : PS3 users Cross-Game Chat incoming (maybe)

10-14-09, 04:19 PM
Next firmware update is rumored to have Cross-Game chat along with Cross-Game voice.


"Naughty Dog Dev" ReklissAbandon wrote in response to player requests for enemy spectating in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves that PlayStation 3 cross-game chat might make that request unfair.

"But I will suggest it anyway," ReklissAbandon wrote. "Not to mention that the next PS3 firmware update is going to allow cross game chat. So if players use that instead of in game communication then they would also be able to communicate enemies positions."

That post was quickly deleted, leading some posters to take that as further confirmation that cross-game voice chat was coming, but not yet ready to be announced.

10-14-09, 04:52 PM
In other words, XBL's Party-system is coming to PS3.

It's about damn time imo.

Mr. Hunt
10-14-09, 07:53 PM
Hope it is true. Would definitely be a nice addition.