View Full Version : ABIT NF7-S Revision 2 - BIOS 1.6!!

06-27-03, 03:28 PM
WARNING - For Revision 2.0 Boards ONLY!!


This 1.6 BIOS update for the 2.0 Revisions of the Abit NF7-S fixes the following...

1. Please update BIOS v1.6 in case the system intermittently hangs up at POST screen of PCI devices listing with BIOS v1.4 and earlier. Please update the bios by following steps, format a floppy disk on another PC system in Windows. Copy "AWDFLASH.EXE" and "NF7D_16.BIN" files onto the floppy disk. Power on NF7 v2.0 system, insert the floppy disk into drive A, and press <Alt>+<F2> keys to update BIOS. Please use AWDFLASH 8.23D or later to update NF7 series BIOS. Using an incorrect AWDFLASH version will result in the GUID being erased as well as IEEE1394 peer to peer failure. AWDFLASH 8.23K is included in this BIOS package.

2. Fixes systems freezes in S-ATA BIOS initialization while using display card on PCI slot. (Note - I'm using AGP and have gotten this freeze before!)

3. Fixes random system hangs at BIOS screen or at watching the status in PC health Status screen due to CPU FAN speed being too slow.

BIOS Compile Date: 6/25/2003.

Again, this is only for the 2.0 Revisions of the NF7-S.
If you flash this BIOS on a 1.x revision board, you shouldn't be within a 100 feet of a computer in the first place. :p

I haven't tested it yet so if anyone else wants to be the guinea pig here...:angel:

06-27-03, 03:45 PM
hmmm, not getting any of those errors, although I have nothing in my PCI slots...wonder if I need to update???

been running 200x11 with a 1700+ for quite some time now, and it's uber stable...

06-27-03, 03:59 PM
If you're not having problems, no need to update. I did for mine to solve file corruption issues when copying files between my 2 HDDs. I have the latest BIOS for my 1.2 NF7-S and all has been well so far. :)

06-27-03, 04:13 PM
Just got done flashing mine. It's a success! :D

I did it mainly because I was sick and tired of that intermitten freeze upon the SATA Bios initializing. I'd get it 4 out of 10 cold boots and it got annoying. Granted, I'm not using SATA anymore (it gave me 14 "Drive D:\ has a bad block" errors the other day) on my WD 80 Gig but at least I know when I do use SATA again, that hang shouldn't happen.

Have I gone on record yet stating how scary flashing the BIOS on this board is? :p

My older boards took 10-15 seconds tops. This sucker takes about 30-45 seconds - plenty of time for some jagoff on the interstate to run his skateboard into a utility pole. :eek: ;)

07-16-03, 01:01 AM
I just wanted to know if this NF7-S Rev2.0 Abit is a good choice of mine for overclocking. So far its been rated very well for ocing but i just like to hear "yes it is" as much as i can so i feel good bout buying it lol. I have Kingston HyperX PC3500, AMD2500 and a radeon to put in it once it arrives. Oh i heard something bout the BIOS chip dien or something when ocing, is this true? or did the new BIOS fix that?
If so im in luck cause i purchased the board from excaliber.com and they said all the boards have been updated already to save u the trouble :)

07-16-03, 01:48 AM
How good do you think is good?

Right now I have an XP 1700+ @ 210x10.5 (~2.2GHz). With PC3500 RAM @ 2-3-3-8 (mobo Turbo setting) Been solid for about 2 weeks like this...not one BSOD or even a program crash! Gonna bump it another 5MHz on the FSB and try that for another 2 weeks to see...

07-16-03, 04:18 AM
If i can hit anywhere between 210-220 FSB thats good enough for me, since ill only be using air cooling.
The giga byte that ujust had maxed out at 209. So, anything above that is a plus :). I cant wait to get it so i can see what this boards really made of. This is my first Abit ever.