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10-18-09, 05:32 AM
What is this nonsense.. the pc game will be like a silly console game.. this blows if true :thumbdwn:

Jockyitch is posting the following informaton from his twitter during the Bashandslash live webcast:

GSPs will not like the news today. MW2 for pc will not have dedicated servers.

The CoD Community will be completely different post MW2. Things have changed a great deal. We will need to embrace change in the future.

mw2 gets VAC NOT PunkBuster!!

So after listening to the webcast these are some of the points brought up by the hosts of the webcast about these changes:


IW has control of the game.
IWnet servers will host multiplayer.
DLC will be a charged item for PC.
No dedicated servers.
Semi-capable password servers.
Semi-capable ad-hoc servers.
Competitive play is dead.
MW2 mods would not be possible.
Full integration into Steam.
PC has been turned into console.
Will Treyarch pick up the dedicated server side?

10-18-09, 05:47 AM

granted, the thread title gives you no idea of the thread content :P

10-18-09, 09:48 AM
Closed, please see other thread in above post.