View Full Version : Will this handle my workplace duties ??

10-21-09, 09:50 AM
I want to build a low power pc that will handle MS office, excel, word, etc.... some image work with psp and ps nothing big though. And some network software that allows me to monitor our small lan (12 pc's) Right now we all have outdated gateway's :( Bla! If I can put together something good my boss will most likely let me upgrade the whole office with better pc's :)





don't need video card or sound card. Only need a 250gb HD or less. Not sure which would be best for that. Do need a decent dvd burner

10-21-09, 01:49 PM
Well, that computer should easily do everything you mentioned. Though I'm not sure I'd go with those RAM sticks.


Those are slightly cheaper, have free shipping, and are faster. While I'm not using A-Data now, I've used their chips in the past, and they are really reliable. I don't have as many nice things to say about G.Skill. Some of their chips are pretty good, and others are just bleh. Also, with the combination of components you've selected, you can always elect to upgrade the CPU in the future if have need for the extra power. I think for $25 more you can get a tri-core phenom, or for $40 more you can get a Athlon X4. Still, as it stands, it should be a great office computer.

bob saget
10-21-09, 02:09 PM
The computer in the OP would easily handle office tasks.

10-21-09, 02:41 PM
Okay! Cool thanks :)