View Full Version : Inversion (from the makers of Timeshift)

10-21-09, 12:47 PM
Just announced from Namcom Bandai. It is announced as a 360/PS3 title, so no PC version. It looks like a shooter with a twist, just like Timeshift.

The game looks as if it will be a technical showpiece, featuring all sorts of gravity manipulating weapons, as well as a destructible cover system courtesy of the Havok Destruction engine.

"Working with NAMCO BANDAI Games on a project of this caliber is a complete thrill," said Matthew Karch, CEO of Saber Interactive. "We are doing things in INVERSION that most people didn't think possible on the current generation of consoles. We can't wait to get INVERSION in the hands of gamers across the world."

Images at FZ



10-21-09, 10:55 PM
It looks a lot like Gears of War, camera, cover mechanics. Hopefully it will be as good...