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10-22-09, 09:32 PM
so when ive been playing my computer crashes at the most intense parts like battles or when it takes a lot of ram but instead of crashing to the blue screen of death or ctd it simply dies. there is no noise or anything, the screen simply goes black and the tower is off as if the plug was pulled. i have vista 64, 6gbs of ram, intel dual-core i7 920 processors @ 2.67GHz. the crash is re-creatable but the only common thing i can see is that it occurs at times where the computer is working harder but ironically not at loads.
thanks in advance for help

10-22-09, 10:17 PM
note: tried playing a few minutes ago and found two new things. first of all it crashed during conversation with krugov when nothing major was happening so its not just high stress times and second i disproved the idea that it was somehow entering sleep (symptoms are extremely similar in vista) during the game using a word doc.

bob saget
10-23-09, 01:30 AM
check the power supply it could be that it cannot handle such an intel dual-core i7 920 system

10-23-09, 04:20 PM
well ive had the computer for over a year and it used to run perfectly. i looked up the specs and its well over requirements on watts and amps.
but theres something peculiar. a small led light hanging inside the computer is flashing. oddly its wires are attached to the motherboard not the power supply. there is a second led light (the one that is behind the button to turn the computer on) that attaches right next to this one but the second light works fine. could this be a sign of the power supply going out or is that normal?