View Full Version : Windows 7 possible bug or driver problem?

10-25-09, 09:52 AM
I just wanted to see if anyone else is having this problem. If I open up a picture on the computer using the default Windows Photo Viewer and it is displaying the picture in the "fit to window" option then if I move the window around on the screen it is very choppy and the mouse lags. If I set it to display "actual size" and try to move the window on screen it is fine.
If I open the picture in any other program like Paint or Windows Live Photo Gallery it is fine.

It may just be a problem with the Nvidia 191.07 drivers I'm using.

10-25-09, 10:49 AM
Not happening here with 186.18's and RTM.

Elvin Presler
10-25-09, 12:23 PM
I have had that problem in Windows 7 and Vista. Even when just resizing a window it would be really choppy and laggy...especially video, resizing or moving the player. Never did figure out exactly what triggered it or fixed it. I did notice that it did not do it early on while installing Windows, but started after installing Nvidia drivers though.

I do not use Desktop Composition or Aero or whatever. No fancy shadows or animations. I do use "Show windows contents while dragging" but it also did it when that was off too. Just a stuttery outline moving around.

10-25-09, 12:58 PM
It works fine for me

10-25-09, 01:34 PM
Thanks for the info. I'll stick with the drivers I have now and see if it improves the next time I change drivers.

Elvin and Albokid are you running 64 bit Windows 7 and what drivers are you using?

10-25-09, 01:37 PM
all fine here, currently using that new 187.66 driver, but before i used 191 including the 191.07 and all was fine as well.

never had that issue.

10-25-09, 03:23 PM
Just checked other programs and it only happens in WIndows Photo Viewer. All videos, music etc play fine and don't lag if you move the window around quickly. I open a picture in Windows Photo Viewer and move it around quickly and it lags as bad as Oprah in the morning before she eats a 10 course brekafast.

Elvin Presler
10-25-09, 08:05 PM
I only used Windows 7 64 to check it out, but yes, I had the issue in 64 bit Vista and Windows 7 off and on. It was all windows that were jerky though, not just Windows crappy image viewer. Usually drivers 182.50 (Vista & XP) or 186.18 (Win7). The newer ones just suck. I have images of nice clean installs of Win7 64, Vista 64 and good old XP Pro 32.

Mostly I wind up using XP still because I always run into some snag, bug, or annoyance on the others. That and I can't stand how slow they are compared to XP. Windows 7 is just a mess as far as I'm concerned due to it not remembering window positions, the 59 hertz thing, etc, etc. I absolutely can not stand not having my windows open where I put them and instead having them ALL stack up on top of each other requiring me to constantly drag them around.

10-30-09, 04:04 AM
I installed drivers 195.39 and it still does the weird lagging thing when moving the window around the screen.

Elvin Presler
10-31-09, 03:24 PM
Using Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit today so....

Opened a picture and let Windows default photo viewer thing resize it to fit. It moved around fairly smooth, but it left a trail all over about 2 inches behind it that disappeared after half a second or so. Hard to describe, but it was leaving a trail. It didn't show up in screen shots I tried to grab.

Same thing with Fastone Maxview and the trails were barely visible, but were there a little bit. Had to move it faster to see them at all. I think it's just the nature of Windows new flashy desktop crap. The entire OS feels slow and choppy to me like this.

Example: Open event viewer...sit and wait for it to fill the list before you can read it or clear it. Go to internet options and delete browsing history and all that....wait for like 1-4 seconds before the thing even pops up it's little progress meter (it used to be so fast there wasn't even one of these.) then wait at least 3 seconds for it to clear an already cleared and empty cache...I shudder to think how long this would take for someone who actually uses IE and doesn't have the cache set to clear every time it closes. Have you tried to use the Disk Cleanup tool? Holy crap is that thing slow, even on a new install with hardly anything on the disk.

Windows 7 and Vista are just SLOW...at almost everything they do. Don't get me wrong, frame rates in a game are fine. It's everything else...it's the basic Windows tasks that are slow. Seems like a 3 second delay between every friggin click, and the way they've buried everything in control panels now, there are a whole lot more clicks and panels to slowly load up to do the most simple, basic things.

10-31-09, 06:04 PM
3 seconds? What hardware do you have? I found Vista/7 maybe a fraction slower than a fresh install of XP, but as the XP install gets slower Vista/7 stays the same. In fact I'd say 7 is faster than XP 99% in general OS usage, browsing etc.

As for the control panels. It's easy to go back to classic view and everything loads up just fine.

I'm running Q6600 4Gb RAM and 260GTXSLI, nothing fancy, my 7 install is almost 3 months old over 50 games and apps installed. Multiple driver updates, much faster than XP would be at the same point.

11-02-09, 04:41 AM
Well I uninstalled the Nvidia drivers and used the built in Windows one and had the same problem. I installed the 186.18 Nvidia drivers and still the same problem. Ahh well at least I know it's not the drivers.