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10-25-09, 02:20 PM
Maker: Dell
OS:Vista 64 bit
Ram:6gb (not sure what kind)
Processor: intel dual-core i7 920 @2.67GHz
CPU: DPS-360FB-1A (360 Watt)
Motherboard: Dell or849j

First of all I am able to boot up the broken computer and i'm posting this from it. Also, by factory specifications my psu is well over what is required for my computer. What happens is while doing things on my computer that require lots of power and other resources, like video games, my computer crashes. It doesn't ctd or bsod but simply dies. There is no noise or anything. The light for the power button just goes black but the monitor retains power and manages to go into power save mode (same as if i shut down computer manually).

I've had this computer for almost two years. It is in good condition, is well taken care of and is ridiculously unlikely that it has a virus. (I already ran spybot to check, I don't download much and I extensively look up what i do). This crash, if i can call it that, is recreatable and I tested if the computer somehow was ignoring the game and actually entering power save mode but it is not.

I was told to check the power supply because I was told that it was possible that it couldn't take dual core i7 system running at full power and that somehow it had never had to. (Incredibly unlikely) If everything is running at the factory specs then the psu should be more than strong enough.

After i checked the power supply specs i noticed something peculiar. While it is on there is a small led light hanging inside the computer that is flashing. Its attached to the motherboard (possibly to tell level of activity in motherboard?) It attaches next to the light behind the power button which doesn't flash. Idk if that light means anything but could it be a sign of a psu failure?

Thanks in advance for helping.

10-25-09, 02:27 PM
what video card do you have?

i7 920 is not a dual core, but quad.

you have 370w PSU? you are having PSU issues

10-25-09, 08:15 PM
Video card: ATI Radeon HD 4800
and my bad about the processor.
The label on the PSU box says 360W but this used to be sufficient power because Ive had the computer for almost two years and this has only started happening within the last two weeks. Is degradation of the amount of power it is capable of putting out common?