View Full Version : Problem with 3dMark under 7

10-27-09, 05:56 AM
I am running 7 64bit and Encounter quite a very bad problem.

I am running futuremark 2005 for mostly all my tests etc. Recently Ive discovered this:

When starting a 3dmark(not a program but a itself bench(app starts correctly)) It works only once. When I quit it and start again it might not Load or crash. Then its luck. It works when it wants. its like Run-good run-crash run-good run-crash........

And after it crashes some times fps are about 40% slower than normal. Even after restart. Now I am stuck with randomly working app which seems to cause this performance hit.

offcourse no viruses or trojans. Never before encountered this problem. The funny thing is It works great after I reinstalled windows and only installed drivers. Then I can run\quit as fast and as much as I want without crash or performance hit. The problem apper after I install all my apps(winrar winamp nero etc etc etc)

it seems I might install win 7 64 bit again (I am installing it from pendrive so it takes only around 10 minutes) and test futuremark after every installed app to see what is cousing the problem.

Anyway. I don't like it. So good OS and proboably some stupid small app can break it. maybe its directX? maybe vc++ ?

Waiting for You opinions. I am going to try when I got back home.

10-27-09, 07:23 AM
uhmmmm it is futuremark 2005

old age now, use the newer versions which are probably supported

10-27-09, 01:25 PM
Yes I know. But You dont get the point. It doesnt matter what program I am running but It damaged my 7 for good

10-28-09, 03:41 AM
Ok I got it. The problem only occurs only about in first two minutes after 7 boot. Then I can run the program as much as I want. It seems that this windows just like first vista is Loading somethings in background