View Full Version : Can Someone Post a place to buy an Abit NF7-s w/ 400mhz FSB

06-28-03, 02:02 PM
Name pretty much says it. ive looked and i cant find one. Maybe im an idiot, i tried newegg but all they had was the 333FSB. Thanks Alot.

Oh yea is it the Rev 2.0 that supports 400mhz FSB cuzz i tried lookin for that too.

The Baron
06-28-03, 02:13 PM
Newegg lists it as the 333, but all they have a Revision 2.0.

I got one. :p

06-28-03, 09:19 PM
According to Abit, all versions of the Abit NF7-S motherboard does support 400mhz FSB thanks mainly due to their use of Rubycon capacitors. The revision 2.0 boards just do it natively due to a higher stepping of the nForce2 chipset. Newegg will most likely send you the Rev 2 board as they've been the most common since mid April, I belive.