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10-29-09, 12:10 PM
I got it from GF yesterday and gave it a try last night and it looks great though my Tekken skills have deteriorated significantly. The Arcade mode is still there, and every character is unlocked. That is a good thing IMO, since I was never a big fan of unlocking characters by playing each one.

Where you'll spend most of your time is actually in the Campaign mode. Here is where you will gain most of your money to let you buy stuff like new costumes, hair styles and accessories. This is the way I hope most fighting games go. It makes perfect sense to be able to customize your characters by playing the game earning in game cash and buying stuff to customize your character's outward appearance. There is an arena in the Campaign mode where you will be able to unlock the ending animations of each of the characters. The Arena is like arcade mode but not all characters are unlocked. Here you will fight and then unlock the ending movie of each fighter like the old Tekken games did in arcade mode.

It looks as though you have to play the Campaign story mode to unlock characters in the Campaign Arena mode but I am not really liking the fighting system in the campaign story mode. It could be that I just don't know the system well enough yet, but the fighting controls feel off since it plays like a Final Fight like game but in 3D with Tekken's each limb is a button fighting system. Targeting is done by pressing a button, but it feels awkward cause you can basically point your joystick another direction and fight another non targeted person. I haven't figured out a way to block or be able to do any better moves that you'd expect from a Tekken game. The story is well...I wasn't really interested so I kept skipping them. But I did notice that I got more in game money than I did by playing arcade mode so I will be playing this mode more cause there won't be any real way to unlock those costumes and accessories otherwise. There are a lot of costumes and accessories, some of them cost A LOT, and you could probably play for months and never unlock them all. So for you out there that would want to have every one of them available in the game it's going to take you a very very long time.

One little complaint though about the final Boss, really who are the people who come up with this stuff. It is one of the worst final bosses ever. Again maybe it's my deteriorated Tekken skills but really I can't even tell if this one is blocking or not. Every fighting game has made the end bosses worse and worse with each new version, I really wish they would stop doing it cause it's getting out of hand.

11-06-09, 01:11 PM
Picked this up the other day and:

Its tekken so im into it but the graphics are rubbish for a next gen tekken and the end boss is just pathetic imo!

Its not too bad online but theres alot of lag.

Could have been alot better!!