View Full Version : Intel pulls TRIM firmware after data corruption complaints

10-30-09, 10:11 PM
Yesterday Intel has released new firmware for its 34nm X25-M SSDs (New Firmware: 02HA; Old Firmware: 02G9). The new firmware supports TRIM. This feature requires Windows 7 with Microsoft AHCI drivers. Intel drivers donít support TRIM yet. For Windows Vista or XP you have to use the Intel SSD Toolbox, which supports TRIM. Now Engadget reports that Intel has pulled its new TRIM-enabled firmware after some users who installed it complained of data loss. A visit to the Intel support forums shows a five-page discussion thread about the latest corruption problem. The thread starter claims he successfully installed the new firmware, rebooted, let Windows 7 install new drivers, and attempted to reboot again, after which he could no longer start Windows. Other posts suggest affected drives may become unusable. Intel has issued an official statement on the matter: " Yes, we have been contacted by users with issues with the firmware upgrade for our 34nm SSDs and we are investigating. We take all sightings and issues seriously and are working toward resolution. We have temporarily taken down the firmware link while we investigate."