View Full Version : What's the best drivers for Vista 64bit, GTX260 216C??

11-01-09, 10:31 AM
I'm currently using 177.79 drivers. I've tried several newer sets, but they all seem to suck in one way or another - meaning some gaming issues. Strangely I've had problems with the newer drivers w/ DOOM3 and Q4 - "the way it's meant to be played" games??!!!! The games would crash to desktop and my desktop would be washed out. I would have to reboot to "fix" this issue. I've even experienced the BSOD w/ a few newer sets.

Very frustrating..............More issues w/ NVidia drivers than I ever had/have w/ ATI's. Makes me want to go back to the red team. NVidia's drivers are definately second rate IMHO.:(

Oh btw, before anyone asks......clean install if win Vista 64 bit and all software, games etc. And I never had an issue with 32bit windows.

So my question is this.....which newer driver set would you recommend for gaming and movie viewing??

Thanks to all.


11-06-09, 03:18 PM

11-06-09, 10:33 PM
ive been using 190.62 for a while on my gtx280 and i havent had any probs

Elvin Presler
11-09-09, 12:23 PM
I like 182.50. 186.18 if you have to for some certain game or something, but 186.18 is where the newer drivers began to suck for me. I consider it a mix between the new suck and the old non-suck ones and 182.50 the last set that did not suck.

On that note, I totally wish I could go back to the 94.24's with the old control panel and a temp monitor in it! Those were the last drivers that were actually good, but my cards are too new for those drivers now, or I'd still be using them.

01-31-10, 06:00 PM
Any other opinions here??

Elvin Presler
02-07-10, 02:24 AM
I still say 182.50.