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11-01-09, 04:56 PM
Here is the problem that I have, hope someone can help me out here.

I just updated my OS to windows 7 Ultimate. Then I installed Photoshop with photo tools plugin, but everytime when I run that photoshop plugin, it saids the following.

My current video card is from BGF Tech 512MB Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT.
I went to Nvidia website and download the latest windows 7 drivers and tried to install it, i got the following error.

Since I have no success on using any nvidia updated driver, when I restart win7, it will detect as Microsoft Corporation WDDM driver. But this driver will not work with any openGL.

I have no clue what do I need to do to make this openGL thing works.

My project is stuck. The only way I can do for now is to roll back using window XP since I don't want to waste time to reinstall everything.

Please help :-(

11-02-09, 05:25 AM
Hi there !

It seems like Windows 7 is reverting to it's own driver.

You should :

1. Uninstall any NVIDIA drivers. DO NOT RESTART !!! Go for step 2.

2. Check if for the video card in the "device manager". It should appear with an yellow exclamation sign = without driver. Also your screen resolution should change to a smaller one right after you finish uninstalling the nvidia drivers. If that is the situation go to step 3.

3. Download the latest WHQL (whql is a must !) driver from NVIDIA and then right click-it and choose to extract as if it were an archive (which by the way it is) with WinRAR or 7-zip (you must install one of them prior to this). Extract the driver to a folder of you choosing (preferably on desktop from my experience, for convinience) - advice: do not use "extract here", rather choose to make a folder or it will make a mess of files in there ;). Go to step 4.

4. RESTART. Windows 7 would most likely restore its drivers. A sign that Windows 7 has stubbornely restored your drivers is the resolution of your screen coming back up to normal. If that's the case go to step 5.

5. Open the device manager window and choose to update the drivers for you video card even if it looks "properly installed" (select the card, properties and then look for "update driver"). Go for "browse my computer for drivers" and choose the folder where the WHQL NVIDIA driver was extracted. Click OK and Windows 7 should find that this driver is the latest available therefore "the best one, also". THIS WILL NOT INSTALL THE NVIDIA CONTROL PANNEL AND OTHER STUFF LIKE STEREO 3D AND PHYSX - FOR THAT YOU MUST RUN THE DRIVER IT'S SELF THROUGH THE COMPLETE INSTALATION PROCESS. (do not restart until the nvidia driver's full installation asks you to). That would be the last step.

If that didn't help you situation please let me know : eidythedancer@yahoo.com