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11-06-09, 09:09 AM
Epic Games launches free Unreal Engine 3 development kit (http://www.brightsideofnews.com/news/2009/11/6/epic-games-launches-free-unreal-engine-3-development-kit.aspx)

Unreal Development Kit Webpage (http://www.udk.com/index.html)

Impressive (nana2)

11-06-09, 09:40 AM
The full list of features only confirms that this is not something that Epic would give lightly, as it includes the following:

* Easy content creation with the Unreal Editor, a fully integrated suite of top-tier development tools, which comes complete with:
o Unreal Content Browser, a revolutionary tool for browsing, searching and organizing game assets with collaborative metadata tagging system.
o UnrealScript object-oriented programming language and Unreal Kismet, a visual scripting system that enables rapid prototyping on the fly.
o Unreal Matinee, a powerful tool with movie director-class controls for building in-game cinematics and gorgeous cut scenes.
o Unreal Cascade, an advanced particle physics and environmental effects editor that aids the creation of fire, fog, explosions and other visuals.
o NVIDIA® PhysX®-powered physics system with Unreal PhAT visual modeling tool for creating character and object physics rigs.
o Unreal Lightmass, a global illumination system that dramatically lights and shadows with minimal effort required by artists and designers.
o AnimSet Viewer and AnimTree Editor, which give animators precise control over every muscle and bone movement.

* Time saved thanks to technology integrations with leading game development middleware tools including SpeedTree®, Bink Video®, and FaceFX®.
* Output of standalone applications: Games created with UDK run entirely on their own with no additional software required. This means anyone can make UDK content and distribute it for free.

Wow, it even comes with Physx.

I wonder if the speedtree integration means that it supports the plugin or if its actually included in this SDK. :)

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11-06-09, 12:06 PM
whops, didn't know another post about it already existed... my bad :zombie:

11-10-09, 04:03 PM
Downloaded the UDK today. Been checking it out and it's pretty cool.

Anyone know of some free 3D design software that I can use with UDK? I don't really feel like spending $3k on Maya just for a little hobby lol.

11-10-09, 05:14 PM
Anyone know of some free 3D design software that I can use with UDK?

Blender, maybe? Quite solid as a 3D production environment and it's completely free.


11-10-09, 11:07 PM
Yea I found that. It should integrate as easily as Maya would, correct?

11-11-09, 02:14 AM
Don't know if it will integrate easily, never delved too deep into export/import formats, but I guess it should work well for your purposes, anyway, tell me about your results when you try it :P

11-11-09, 09:24 AM
Will do.

Found some good tutorials online:


The second link is Epic's site.