View Full Version : PhysX 9.09.30 System Software!

11-17-09, 12:34 PM
Get it while it's hot! Might need mirrors if they're forced to take em down. :D


11-17-09, 01:29 PM
Thanks shilk

11-17-09, 01:43 PM
Repacked it as Zip-File and uploaded to speedshare.

Mirrors Edge runs fine again. was broken in Version 0914.

11-17-09, 02:33 PM
I've been using the 64-bit .918 PhysX drivers for a long time now, and they've worked awesome. Even saw a performance boost.

But these PhysX drivers are insane! :eek:

I thought it was a fluke when I tested Mirror's Edge and thought it was running in software mode, but I was wrong. It was running with PhysX acceleration with the framerate nearly maxed out at all times during the Flight level. Pretty damn impressive on my POS PC.

11-17-09, 02:41 PM
Got them up too now.

11-17-09, 03:12 PM
Awesome. Thanks, guys. :)

11-17-09, 03:55 PM
Awesome. Thanks, guys. :)

No worries, Kudos goes to you for releasing them in the first place.
Lets hope this pushes NVIDIA into releasing a new set.
0814 was last official release.

11-17-09, 04:49 PM
Yeah, the PhysX info guys said that NVIDIA was going to put the .918's on the download page but never did.

Freakin' bunch of slackers is what they are.