View Full Version : Pandemic Studios bites the dust

11-17-09, 09:52 PM

Kind of a shame but their most recent releases were flops so it doesn't really surprise me.

Also it looks like EA is laying off many employees from its other studios such as EALA, Maxis, etc after they complete games such as C&C 4 and I'm assuming the Sims 3 expansion. Looks like they are in damage control after their latest losses.

11-18-09, 12:32 AM
With as many people as they laid off, they said that they can cut costs by up to 1.4 billion a year. It's a real shame cause the guys at Pandemic were right next to my office in Santa Monica. :(

It's always like this in the gaming and entertainment industry as well. I know a lot of people that have lost their jobs because of cuts (including me), and it's the easiest way to do this. While people like Bioware employ retards like their Q&A manager, it always amazes me to see how these companies stay in business and good talented people are out of a job. Not saying Bioware sucks, but their choice in employment ethics really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

11-18-09, 07:16 AM
As said, they have releases several stinkers in a row and from what I read had a project or two canceled for being so bad during development, so.... no surprise.

Watch The Saboteur rock though, that would be sad.

11-18-09, 11:44 AM
I don't fully understand how a company like EA loses money.

But recently I find that there are more good games than I have time to play. In the past there were so few high production value games that I could afford to buy and play all of them. Every few years you had a new Quake or Half-Life and that was it.

Now there are a lot of great games that haven't got my money because I don't have time to play them. Left4Dead2, Batman, and Stalker series are just a few examples.

Is the market getting saturated?