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11-17-09, 10:49 PM
Do you think if more PC games came with a downloadable release they would sell more?

I know so many console gamers that just go out and "rent" a game before deciding to purchase..

Why aren't company's coming out with demos anymore?!
I could see it cutting down on piracy?

11-17-09, 11:30 PM
I could see it cutting down on piracy?

Why would they want to cut down on piracy? It's their main excuse to do whatever they justify necessary. Even if it's not coming out with a game for a particular platform or delaying a game on PC. It's like the 9-11 of gaming.

11-18-09, 01:12 AM
if the prices would be lower than retail then yes. I think it would help

11-18-09, 07:19 AM
I often forget retail games exist when I am in a big Steam mood... It's like "oh, Star Wars The Force Unleashed is out? I didn't know, it never popped up on Steam."

11-18-09, 10:06 AM
Yea, I pretty much don't buy a game unless its on Steam.

And yes I agree with the demo part. ALL "good" games need to have a demo. Look at L4D2. Its selling like hotcakes because of the demo.

However, crappy crummy games rarely have demos. They want someone to buy their product because it "looks interesting". If they supplied a demo, no one would buy the game because anything bad about the game will surely be brought to light with the demo.

11-18-09, 10:43 AM
I read some article not too long ago that showed games with demos sell less than games without demos. I know there are a lot of games I have wanted to buy before playing a really crappy demo.