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11-18-09, 03:51 PM
Hey! I was wondering maybe its time to switch for wireless mouse and keyboard?
That is mainly becouse I have no desk and have to play and use pc i akwrd positions:headexplode:
and wireless would be more comfortable.

I was looking for cheaper positions and found
Logitech EX 100. Looks nice (At least kb which I used in shop)
How is it? battery life?

what do You recommend?

11-18-09, 11:31 PM
Sounds good dude, are you getting bunk beds to?

11-19-09, 12:25 AM
Most wireless stuff is terrible for gaming.

I wouldn't buy wireless if you plan on doing any gaming unless you're going to be buying really high end stuff. I've used a few cheap mice, a few decent keyboards, a good mouse and a good keyboard (almost all Logitech stuff) and I wouldn't consider doing any serious gaming with any of it.

If I were you I'd just get some USB extension cables. They work wonders and if you have a store in Poland that's similar to MonoPrice.com you should be able to get them dirt cheap.

11-19-09, 09:52 AM
Offcourse I am gaming. Ths Logitech pacage is around 30$ and I cant really afford more. At least not atm.

Currently I am using a4tech mouse up to 2500dpi laser. But I always keep it at 1200dpi.

The logitech mouse that come with this package is 1000dpi so not much slower.

Anyway its LOGITECH. mostly everything from them is good

sorry for polish site

11-27-09, 12:37 PM
Ok. Got Logitech Ex100 today. Its suprisingly fine as for the low pirce. The mouse is very generic but 1000dpi is fine for me. Keyboard is great.

Will see how is the battery life

11-27-09, 11:55 PM
It isn't the DPI that kills wireless mice for gaming. Its the lag.

If its works for you though, then that's good to hear.

11-28-09, 02:16 AM
There is completly no Lag. Only thing I noticed its that when I don't use mouse for several minutes and then want to use it take about 1sec for mouse to initiate after not using.

I had a4tech 2500Dpi Laser gaming Mouse before and It was sure better. I was using mostly 800-1200 Dpi anyway. But I its way better now. I prefer comfort in my situation (no desk)

The only thing I missing are 2 side keys on mouse for back\forward

11-30-09, 12:57 PM
I am not even using anything that logitech burned onto disc. There is a software that can set function keys but it also imitates mouse speed acceleration via this app etc. SO I would rather not have anything installed and just plugged reciever and everything works

11-30-09, 01:47 PM
Forget a wireless KB and mouse and buy a desk.

12-01-09, 02:16 AM
baaah:D I would sure do that If I would have a bigger room;)