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06-30-03, 04:05 PM
Anyone know of where I can get a demo of C&C Generals? It looks like it might be one of those exclusive deals though according to this (http://www.fragland.net/index.php?page=newsitem&nid=4561).

06-30-03, 04:32 PM
just looked @ 3D Gamers, and it's not there, and if it's not there, it's no where...

06-30-03, 04:34 PM
Yeah, I checked there last night too...thanks.

06-30-03, 06:13 PM
I'm sure they're hoping that just because it's C&C, people will jump right on it. Ha, I didn't care for the game much at all. I don't believe you're missing a whole lot.

06-30-03, 08:27 PM
Originally posted by stncttr908
I'm sure they're hoping that just because it's C&C, people will jump right on it. Ha, I didn't care for the game much at all. I don't believe you're missing a whole lot.

I was a big fan of the series but heard really mixed reviews...I was just trying to include it in some benchmarks of my FX 5900 Ultra review since there was some interest in it particularly.

07-01-03, 09:07 AM
For what it is worth ... You can not compare it with previous C&C games as it handles whole lot different now. And that is both good and bad. If you are as me and expect some good "old" C&C gaming ... you might be dissapointed. Personally I liked the singelplayer campains of C&C, Tiberian sun and red alert. It just feels different now with a 3d engine and all these odd units and upgrades.

It looks quite nice and the computer plays as cheap as ever ;) (even worse this time *lol*) Powerfull upgrades and techniqes comes way too soon in the SP campains thus it ruins the fun a bit.

From a Multiplayer point of view I cant say much as Ive not had the oppertunity to play it vs my brother yet. (I dont like online RTS gaming so I have not tested that either)

GFX is rather intence so I get my share of slowdowns on my OCed Gf3 :rolleyes: ... the use of pixelshaders would be nice ... But that applies to almost all games ... sad.

07-06-03, 06:33 PM
c&c generals is one of the most brain dead games you could get, the AI is terrible, even on the brutal level you will be attacked along the same roads again and again by understrength forces.

It makes up for this with excellent graphics, now they just need to work on the AI, o and some right click options on the mouse would be good too.:D

07-13-03, 01:48 PM
The graphics are amazing and playing it on a lan is a blast.

The AI is BAD though, very very BAD, not just the computer opponents. Your own units have major pathfinding problems. I wish the multiplayer maps that came with the game had a lil bit more varity too, I hate trying to defend three differant entrances all the time.

Kev Payne
07-13-03, 01:59 PM
While I have played every single game that has been graced with the "Command & Conquer" name, this title IS worthy of being a succesor. The AI is pretty bad, but I would sacrifice something so we could move the game into the 3D realm. Over all the game is awesome, the best part is the definatley multi player aspect of the game.

Nothing like you and 3 friends blasting each other off the map with a WMD. The addon coming out this year promises to fix some gameplay issues and add a ton of new yunits and vehicles. This game is worth buying if you are a DIE HARD C&C fan.

If you decide to get this game let me know, we will definetaly hook up via multiplayer.

07-13-03, 08:45 PM
LOL, it sounds like Westwood still can't find any decent AI programmers :rolleyes: Although I'll still probably buy this game when the expansion comes out.