View Full Version : 2.8C overclocking help

06-30-03, 05:07 PM

The system that i thought was stable i guess really isnt..

Anyways, its a
2x 512mb Mushkin PC3500 Dual channel tested
Abit IC7-R(875P)
Koolance Case, Swiftech MCX-5000 block
Geforce 4 Ti4200 videa

Now, the settings i was useing is

FSB 250 (250 x 14) = 3.5Ghz
Memory Divider = 5:4
CPU Voltage = 1.625
RAM CAS latency = 2.5

In 3dmark03 it will allways go though GT1 fine, but it will randomly lock up on diffrent frames in GT2.

Since he dose not have dual monitor or any way to log his cpu temp at time of the lockup i dont know the exact temp.

but after a lockup his temps are around 48C, im assumeing they probly got a bit higher?????

His system is perfectly stable if i leave it at the default 2.8Ghz.

Could anyone help me with diffrent bios settings, or could it be possible that his CPU just wont take that much of an overclock?

06-30-03, 06:30 PM
the CPU or mobo can't go that far, OC a bit more moderately, or try some more serious cooling, or try to bump the volts a bit more...

06-30-03, 06:32 PM
I would be pissed if its the mobo that can take the oc.

it cost like 200$ though heh!

if its the processor ill just live with it, i think im gonna keep upping voltage till i get 1.7