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11-26-09, 12:49 AM
Nvidia has released GeForce 195.62 WHQL drivers. Same as the WHQL candidate, now with WHQL certification.

Desktop drivers



Notebook drivers



11-26-09, 03:31 AM
They must of pulled them, page not found!

11-26-09, 03:34 AM
Downloading now

11-26-09, 04:27 AM
64bit download page seems to be down, 32bit still works. Here's direct link to 64bit driver.

http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/195.62/195.62_desktop_win7_winvista_64bit_english_whql.ex e

11-26-09, 12:42 PM
for those that have the beta installed, no need to update, 195.62 beta and whql are the same, only WHQL certification has been added.

11-26-09, 01:31 PM
Nice, WHQL on Thanksgiving.

11-27-09, 12:31 AM
3D Vision 1.18 CD with this driver set is out as well.

11-27-09, 01:44 AM
Anyone want to test Dragon Age to see if any improvements have been made to the handling of antialiasing and the DoF blur? That's the only thing I'd upgrade drivers for at the moment.

11-27-09, 02:40 AM
Well my wife played Dragon Age from about 3pm to 9pm with these drivers and i watched her for a little while and it looked fine to me but then again when I glanced at her playing it before with the 186.18 drivers it looked good to me then too. The biggest thing is it didn't freeze on her even one time with these drivers. They are a keeper.

11-28-09, 06:18 AM
Still only 4 real CRT resolutions?

Mr Bigman
11-29-09, 02:36 PM
Evga doesn't have the misted on their site so are these good for evga 285 boards?

looks good on the info about these but usually EVGA has newer nvidia drivers posted and they have old ones up so maybe they didn't get them up yet so cool.

11-29-09, 04:44 PM
Punctuation and yes

Mr Bigman
11-29-09, 08:22 PM
I do think EVGA does things to the driver cuz the ega precision tool doesn't pick up the tmeps off the gpu like it did with the 190's.

11-29-09, 08:49 PM
the problem with the temps is a easy fix on the evga forums there is a post on how to get the temps back....

here is the thread at evga

Mr Bigman
11-29-09, 11:30 PM
Ah, weeee! Thanks now i can play with my crans.

11-30-09, 01:20 AM

11-30-09, 01:29 AM
I love playing with my crans.

11-30-09, 04:33 AM
Careful you could poke your eye out playing with your crans.

11-30-09, 10:46 AM
Still get the lame flashing/flickering in games after I boot the computer with SLI enabled. Disabling and re-enabling SLI in the CP makes the problem go away until the next restart or shutdown and boot.

Other people have this problem as well, and the common setup between us is the SLI setup and then another video card for PhysX. I'm between a rock and a hard place, because I want to use the new 3D Vision drivers because of the updated 3D Vision profiles, but I have to contend with this SLI flickering crap. Maybe I should just take the PhysX card out.

11-30-09, 11:52 AM
I'd take the PhysX card out. You have plenty of power for PhysX with the two GTX 280s in SLI.

Mr Bigman
11-30-09, 12:56 PM
I heard alot of folks babbeling on this at nvidia forums tto with SLI.

Im doing well now and hitting the gym today shaw.

11-30-09, 02:48 PM
I'd take the PhysX card out. You have plenty of power for PhysX with the two GTX 280s in SLI.

I agree. I started to use my 260 for my PhysX card, but I'm good to go with what I have.

11-30-09, 03:56 PM
Also getting this flickering problem in SLI after 195.62. The only fix I found is to disable sli and then reenable it again. Its a little bit of a pain but it works. I think these drivers forget to properly initialize the video cards upon boot. I think its related to the kind of card you have, the kind of motherboard you have and not and I say not to your psu!

I recommend everyone who has this problem submit a bug report to nVidia...


11-30-09, 07:17 PM
No issues with SLi here like you mention. The only issue with SLi I've ever had were annoying shader pixels where things would be green and those were all driver related.

12-04-09, 06:47 AM
These beasties caused severe flickering in middle distance textures on my GTX295 whenever I logged onto Lord Of The Rings Online. It settled down after a minute or so, but was annoying enough to make me roll back.