View Full Version : How long will the 8800GT remain viable?

11-29-09, 10:06 AM
Hey all,

As I've posted in another thread, I'm thinking of upgrading either now or when the GTX 300 series is out. But my question is, how long will a GeForce 8800GT (my current card) last in today's gaming environment? Say I made the concession of not running everything maxed out (but always at a constant 1280x1024), giving up AA/AF, etc. Will my card run games through, say, 2010/2011 pretty well, or should I just start saving up for a new machine pretty soon?


12-23-09, 12:32 PM
If you have no plans of upgrading your Pc in the next year or two and you have cash to waste id say get a knew video card my frames are way smoother so far with 2 games and much nicer looking.

I just replaced a 8800gts with a xfx 5770, i dont think i could have been more smiles unless i spent a extra hundred or purchased only 1gb versions of the 260gtx/275gtx, or 4890/5800 series which are supose to have even better frames gaming. So far L4d2 after a year playing it with its cartoonish look with mid range effects had a total make over it even feels more horror now just as killing floor is effects and candy maxed. Dragonage origins frames are higher with the graphic turned up even more im not getting complete locked frames when a whole towns background of the city starts to scale into view.

I couldnt be more happy 5770 it even works with my 620 psu which im not ready to replace draws less power than the 8800,even the hd5800s draw alot of power compared to the 5770 so far ati card is all smiles ive had 2 or 3 nvidia cards since my 9700 days with ati.

Games ill be checking out over the weekend unless im just playing l4d2 i love the shooters.

Stalker 1+2
Eq2 -if i reinstall it i renewed then deleted the game. :)
Killing floor
RE5 videocard may not fix slow downs
Farcry 2 if i reinstall it.