View Full Version : If I overclock my cpu in the MB bios how does it affect my video card.

07-01-03, 08:09 AM
I have an intel p4 2.53 and I can change the modifier so that the cpu runs at approximately 2.8 ghz very stable without any cooling alterations. I believe that overlocks all of the components in my pc. My question is that if it affects my ti4600 how can I tell what is happening with to it. So I guess I shouldn't use coolbits to OC my video card and is there a way to see what the memory and cpu of my card are running at?

07-01-03, 09:08 AM
Overclocking your processor doesn't mean your video card instantly becomes overclocked. They're two different things.

What would become overclocked and could affect your video card is the speed of the AGP bus. Many modern, overclocking friendly motherboards have an option to lock the AGP bus at its specification speed of 66 MHz, regardless of how you overclock your processor. If you have the option to lock your AGP speed, I suggest you do it and the option will be in your BIOS.

The actual clock speeds of your video card itself will remain the same unless you change them via coolbits, RivaTuner, etc.

07-01-03, 01:15 PM
I will try that when I get home thank you for your input :)

07-01-03, 01:32 PM
If you are running an Intel board then it doesn't matter as the PCI/AGP bus is locked :)