View Full Version : Best drivers for GeForce SDR and JKII?

07-29-02, 11:13 AM
I recently caught a virus on my computer and was forced to reinstall everything. When choosing drivers I just went for the newest WHQL's off of nvidia's site. My Jedi Knight II performance went through the floor. It used to be quite playable, (by my standards), at 640*480 and 800*600. It is now quite choppy event at 640. I don't remember what drivers I was using before, (I think they may have been something around 22.50), but I'm not sure. I remember some set of dets boosted GF3 performance but dropped it for all cards lower than that. Perhaps that has continued up to the current release? So I guess I'm looking for some advice on the best drivers for my system, which is as follows:

Geforce 32mb SDR
800mhz Athlon Classic
Epox KX 133 mobo.
30gb 7200 rpm HD
256 mb pc133.

Any help would be appreciated.

07-29-02, 11:30 AM
Warp2Search (http://www.warp2search.net), ********* (http://www.*********.com), Detonators.net (http://www.detonators.net) and Abitboy (http://www.abitboy.com) should have a driver archive that dates back pretty far where you'll be able to get drivers that are more optimized for your card.

07-29-02, 12:00 PM
I had this prob a while back. Make sure you the drivers installed correctly. I had to reinstall them through the device manager.

Not sure if it is the same problem.