View Full Version : Cannot get dual monitors to work under Windows 7

12-10-09, 04:29 PM

I'm a bit frustrated right now two days after installing Windows 7, upgrading from Vista. My external monitor (my TV) is not detected. Everything worked just fine when I had Vista and I did not change anything with the cabling or anything prior to the installation of Windows 7.
I have tried to remove all cables and put them back just in case though.

I have uninstalled the pre-installed windows 7 drivers for my geforce 7800 card, installed the new ones and also tried to install the old vista drivers that I used before but still no result.

The TV does not flicker or make any indication that is having any form of contact with my computer. It is connected with a HDMI cable to a DVI adapter. I have tried to move the regular monitor cable to the other DVI-port and this works so both DVI ports work...

I have no clue how to fix it now and I don't want to go back to Vista again.

Any ideas?


12-11-09, 03:35 PM
Have you forced TV detection?

Thats weird though.

Are you sure it isnt working? Move the mouse about... :)

(that worked for me btw
(The windows screen on the TV was black so I didnt think it was enabled:headexplode:))