View Full Version : 2600+ wont boot or show video

07-02-03, 02:09 AM
I have a 2600+ with a 333 fsb and I just bought a abit nf7-s mobo and when i turn it on i get nothing on the screen ive checked the video card and its seated properly ive even tried other video cards ive tried 3 different psu's and still nothing. Ive tried clearing the cmos and unplugging everything but the gpu and the fans and such but no luck. Any Ideas? the cards i tried were a geforce 3 and a spectra 3200 tnt both cards agp

07-02-03, 02:25 AM
Try booting without any videocard or memory at all. If you don't get several beeps, then that means your computer isn't getting past the CPU and Power Good stages of the boot-up routine.

07-03-03, 01:41 PM
Ive gotten it to boot up completely before and was running it all day yesterday then i wake up this morning and turn on the power everything powers up but no beep and no video.

The Baron
07-03-03, 02:22 PM
Board is probably dead.

Or, if Windows is installed, hook up the drives, let it sit for five minutes, then hit the power button on teh front. If stuff starts happening and then it goes off, then it means the board is fine and it's your video card that has died. But, if not, then it's most likely that the mobo has died a Horrible and Painful Death.

BTW, if you have a NF7-S 2.0, don't touch the BIOS more than once until you have installed the latest BIOS update.

07-07-03, 02:48 AM
Another thing you can try is move the Clear CMOS jumper to enabled for about 1-6 hours (trust me on this - these nForce2 boards cache A LOT of BIOS information so it takes longer to clear it all out) or possibly overnight. When you come back to it, move the jumper back and then, while holding the INSERT key on you keyboard, power up the system. Keep holding the INSERT key for at least 3-5 seconds.

The board may come back to life...and if it does, it may run at 100Mhz FSB - still enough horse power to upgrade the BIOS to the latest version (which is 1.6 for the NF7-S Rev. 2.0 boards).