View Full Version : Heat Probs FX5200

07-02-03, 05:43 PM
- GF FX 5200
- dunno, i am n00blet (siluro?)
- Ath XP 2400+
- EPoX 8RDA+

right....my problem is that i am getting some graphics glitches and flickering while i play games, eg. counterstrike....

the heatsink on the card is too hot to touch, and this strikes me as a bad thing....

i did overclock a wee bit once, however, i was cautious after reading some bad stuff, so i only OCd the clock by 25mhz (both 3D and 2D) and the memory by about 30.
it ran fine at this speed....i did some benchmarks...i saw some improvement......i played some games....and it seemed fine.....it was not particularly hot at first, but after several hours of gaming i noticed the heatsink was getting very hot indeed....worried, i set it back to the original clock, and let it cool down.

however, it kept getting very hot, even when idle in windows...i am guessing that the graphics glitches are to do with the heat/damaged GPU, but i dont know why it is so hot!!!

what can i do to cool it down? i feel kinda bad for OCing it, so i suppose i am guilty....but i suppose its best that i learnt this on a cheap card.....still, any help with this would be appreciated....



07-23-03, 04:39 PM
i overclocked my GF4 ti 4200 chip but it did not effect heat
thougth later the display became corupeted and nothing could fix it even though i only OCed it about 15mhz and the ram 20mhz