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12-18-09, 06:22 PM
This should be happy spam and not bad spam but if MikeC or whomever disagrees feel free to delete.

Anyway, I wrote what I am hoping was an entertaining article for WSGF based on my lack of multiplayer experience and my desire to fill my unemployed days with activity.

The result: http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=17771

Check it out if you like.

12-18-09, 06:27 PM
ooooh your advertising! I'm reporting you!

12-18-09, 07:22 PM
i am reporting u for reporting people.

12-18-09, 07:29 PM
Good read, very much enjoyed it.

I'm reporting you for reporting him for reporting him on advertising.

12-18-09, 09:02 PM
I'm reporting all of you for reporting on me.

12-18-09, 11:14 PM
I'm reporting everyone here for saying they're reporting things and not actually reporting things. :bleh:

EDIT: Myself included.

12-19-09, 06:08 AM
Good article :)

And I agree with you, SP > MP, all the goodness of a nice singleplayer campaign plus the storyline usually gets messed up to the roots the moment you go online.... cheaters, stress, too-fast paced gameplay... it sucks.

A good example could be F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin & Reborn, they're very good, well-crafted atmosphere, the perfect dose of darkness and closed/open spaces, but the moment you're trying to get the ranked achievements you feel like you're in the middle of a Counter Strike match (set aside the fact I'm a bit rusted on multiplayer matches, and I feel like an oldie amongst all those skilled people) :zombie:

12-19-09, 06:21 AM
If anyone has an idea for game 2 in my "journey" let me know.

12-19-09, 06:30 AM
Excellent article! Very well written - imho nothing is worse in the gaming world than being the newb in a match with experienced players. I thought you conveyed that sense in a very entertaining way.

My main MP experience is Halo, which I was pretty decent at, but quit when hacks became too popular, and UT3, which I could never quite get the hang of, but still had fun.

The 2 L4Ds are the only others I really enjoy...for now anyway.

Make sure you post links to any others you write.

12-19-09, 06:31 AM
Everyone in this thread has been reported to the high council of moderators.

12-19-09, 06:40 AM
You're all scheduled to be banned at high noon for spamming the only decent spam thread in the entire forum.

General Lee
12-19-09, 08:25 AM
Nice article. I'm reporting...live from Ground Zero, where apparently all hell has broken lose as one million rednecks try to "march". They're all drunk, staggering, and falling down. They can't find their ammo, which was taken by their wives so nobody would get shot, and they're demanding American beer companies be returned to the American people.

Oh sh*t! Their now launching beer cans from tater guns! Everyone evacuate! :scarey:


12-19-09, 08:38 AM
I read it, it was pretty funny. :lol:

Also, typically commands in console with an exclamation point in front (e.g. "!open") are commands for mods to do certain things, like stat menus, or votes, or other stuff. As some of the comments on the other forums said, I mean you are playing a 10 year old game. The guys that you couldn't hit were probably not cheating, they were just really good. Games like UT are fast paced. You should try some Counter-Strike: Source next. That's a classic online FPS hehe.

And personally I don't find killing the computer rewarding at all, as I consider it way too easy. :o

12-19-09, 01:56 PM
That was a good story Velvet.