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07-02-03, 11:06 PM
Alright folks, you've seen all of my different posts on here recently about the best this or that... well here it all comes to fruition i suppose... I'm going to be, sometime within the next 2 months, building a computer... This will be for gaming, CAD, and some sound and video editing. The only things i'm sure of are i want an LCD monitor, widescreen would be awesome but not absolutly necessary (but i WOULD love that extra space!), and that i plan on going for high end corsair memory... I do need a CD-RW, and a DD drive (seperate!) but i do not even want a DVD burner. other than that, i dunno.

So post your reccomended system configs here along with, if you can, approximate prices. I'm able to spend up to 3000 i think (of course the more left over the better)


The Baron
07-03-03, 08:21 AM

P4 2.6C
motherboard of your choice (depends on whether you want good onboard sound, etc.)
gig of Corsair XMS PC3200LL
and how much CAD stuff are you going to be doing? If it's a lot, it might be worth it to get a Quadro.

07-03-03, 09:02 AM
i'm not entirely sure... i do very little right now... I do set designs, and the computer is for college... i did some in high school, but i don't know how intensive it gets as i've only used basic CAD so far. i don't think a quadro is necessary... though a high end non-workstation card would be nice for gaming and editing... i've been thinking about dropping 500 on a 5900 ultra.

07-03-03, 09:04 AM
i just looked over my last post there... i hope it made sense...

it's 10 in the morning, i just woke up after staying up till around mdnight with a cute girl from georgia. It's a rough life, gimme a break. :p

07-03-03, 09:55 AM
The Dell 2000FP isn't a bad choice and can be had for well under a grand. 20.1" viewable, 25ms response time. I have one and like it a lot. I think it is better than my Sony F500R was and that includes my gaming experience.