View Full Version : Motherboards that support 4-way SLI/CrossFireX

12-22-09, 11:03 AM
If I have a motherboard that supports 4-way SLI/CrossFireX, does that mean I'll have 8-way SLI/CrossFireX if I install 4 dual-GPU graphics cards?

12-22-09, 12:44 PM
Nope, NVIDIA drivers only support up to 4-way SLI, and same for ATI drivers to QuadFire. Plus the only boards that really support 4-way SLI/Crossfire through 4 discrete cards is the EVGA 4-way SLI Classified and the Asus P6T7. So you could theoretically stuff 4 dual GPU cards on them, but the only thing that you could do on that would support all 8 GPUs is Folding and GPGPU stuff. Plus you would need a ridiculous power supply setup.