View Full Version : when to expect 800 series AMD boards?

12-22-09, 04:21 PM
when to expect 800 series AMD boards?

Mr Bigman
12-22-09, 08:51 PM
Probably first quarter of 10 i think haven't heard much on them yet but what i have looks good.

12-23-09, 02:30 AM
They're sampling now but all I've seen says they won't show up until Q2 '10.


AMD is going to debut the Leo desktop platform in Q2 next year as the successor of Dragon, and the Leo is expected to be based on three main parts – two of them are Thuban hexa-core processor and RD890 series chipset. Together with the SB850 southbridge, the R890 will make up the 890FX chipset...

And the MSI 890FX-GD70

bob saget
12-23-09, 02:44 AM
still no triple channel memory?

12-23-09, 02:59 AM
Nope. The server G34 socket will have quad channel memory because it's made for MCM, so two chips linked via Hyper Transport. Both chips will have their memory controllers in tact so why not use them. That socket will see 12 core and later 16 core CPU's, so they will need the bandwidth.

I think the 890 platform may support up to 1866MHz DDR3? That would theoretically be faster than i7's current 1066MHz triple channel, but I'd imagine intel will move up to at least 1333MHz memory standard by then.

Memory bandwidth isn't what's holding back Phenom II anyhow, it would still be beneficial to them if they went triple channel because of the new market out there for it. It's very easy to find premium triple channel DDR3 for a good price/size and a bit harder to get good performance dual channel (little better in the last 6 months) and the price/size isn't as good.