View Full Version : CnC4. Tiberium Harvesting...gone.

12-22-09, 08:03 PM


12-22-09, 09:18 PM
OMG They consolized it!

eer... wait... its PC Exclusive... um...

trivium nate
12-22-09, 09:27 PM
ive never played any of these games but looks cool

12-22-09, 10:08 PM
I've played the beta and I don't think it's my cup of tea. The graphics also seem worse than C&C3. There are tiberium crystals but not like the past games. There are interesting gameplay changes... but to me they should have been saved for a different title and not change the C&C series so much.

12-22-09, 10:28 PM
Game sorely lacks ability to zoom out like Supreme Commander.

trivium nate
12-22-09, 11:30 PM
Demo is kinda hard

12-23-09, 01:06 AM
Supreme Commander and C&C are like apples and oranges. C&C is about smaller scale battles and faster pace while Sup Com is about large scale battles that take a very long time... at least if you intend on getting higher up the tech tree. There's no need for that kind of zoom and as Infinity Ward would more than likely say if it were their game, "It isn't balanced for that" :D

But basically to sum up how the gameplay is. It's like a territory control (kind of like Company of Heroes) where capturing nodes gives your team points combined with capture the flag where you grab tiberium crystals that magically fly down on rockets from outer space to get upgrade points. Personally I think that's too big of a split in gameplay types and they both come across as not implemented as well as they should be.

12-23-09, 02:20 AM
There is nou too much rts games coming out. And supreme commander is awfull.

12-23-09, 03:11 AM
I loved the C&C 1 and 2 games... never tried 3.. I'm thinking it might be time for me to jump back into this at some point.

12-23-09, 03:25 AM
They made it like Dawn of War 2. For me this is AWESOME but I see the hardcore being upset.

Real RTS games will still come, I don't think this is mainstreaming as much as it is trying to grab on to Company of Heroes' success.

12-23-09, 03:25 AM
I loved the C&C 1 and 2 games... never tried 3.. I'm thinking it might be time for me to jump back into this at some point.

3 is awesome, I seriously have no idea why some didn't like it. All the complaints I read about it could be applied to the series as a whole.

12-23-09, 03:42 AM
c&c 3 Tiberium wars is one of best I have played. very addictive and entertaining. In fact its one of 3 or maybe some more rts's that I have passed. (other one is battle for the middle earth and Total Annihiation I think). Mostly I dont play Campaign but Skirmish.
Warhammer 40k dow was also great.

How is Red Alert3 and Dawn of war2 ? Will those fill up my need for RTS ?

12-23-09, 03:49 AM
Dawn of War 2 is very good if you want that kind of game. Very RPG in a lot of ways, combat is like Company of Heroes.

12-23-09, 08:52 AM
I always thought the AI in C&C games were bastard cheaters. Somehow they always managed to destroy your units when you're not looking at a particular point of the map and the next minute, they're gone. :headexplode:

I don't like the look of this new way but it may work, I'll have to see.

12-23-09, 11:37 AM
Company of Heroes has spoiled me, it perfectly balances base building and territory control, and the combat is intense.

12-23-09, 01:29 PM
no for C&C this is lame :(

12-23-09, 10:05 PM
yea this is pretty lame. should save it for something else...like one that i dont care about -.-.

i will still get the game for the sp, but i dont think the mp is going to fly well with this change...

i like changes...but i think changing something thats really a core part of the game and something that has been with the series for so long shouldn't be changed...just like mw2 for pc.