View Full Version : Help with raid performance on an A7V133!!!

07-03-03, 07:37 AM
I have a problem... I have 2 IBM 40gb drives in RAID 0 on my a7v133 running Windows XP. I am running the new expert bios 1010 beta, along with the fasttrack 2.00.34 drivers here. I have a few questions regarding my setup.

First, should I enable the "load onboard ata bios" setting in my bios? The last time I tried this, the fasttrack bios detected a problem with my raid array. If I dont load the ata bios, XP boots with no problem, and I can read from and write to the RAID array.

Second, benchmarking my drive gives VERY VERY different results depending on which benchmark program I use. Using HD Tach, it shows a bust speed of around 70-80 mb/s. This seems about right, I believe. Then I tried Sisoft sandra's file system benchmark. I got 5.4 mb/s... WHAT THE HELL???? I then tried ATTO's benchmark, the write speads seem correct, but the reads get gradually faster, where it will reach around 300 mb/s!! Something is screwy... I need to know if I'm getting the proper performance, and having 3 different benchmarks give 3 COMPLETELY different results isn't helping me

Please help!!! Thanks guys

(PS, I've also tried getting help at braziliantech.com, but to no avail)

07-07-03, 08:55 PM

I've just about given up on it, but it is highly frustrating. Is it a limitation with the drives themselves? They are ata100 and, as far as I can tell, operating at that speed according to windows.

08-25-04, 06:58 AM
did you ever figure anything out, I may be able to help.