View Full Version : 8800 GT Batman:AA screen goes black and recovers

12-25-09, 03:38 PM
Hi Guys

I'm playing Arkham Asylum and sometimes my 8800 GT screen goes black, the sound continues and then the games graphics come back. All of this takes 2-4 seconds.

a) Is my 8800 GT overheating and on its last legs or
b) is this a bug with the game.

My setup.

Core 2 Duo E8400
8 GB DDR2 -667
Single 8800 GT 512 MB
nForce 5 Intel SLI mobo.
X-FI Platinum.

Thanks and Merry Christmas.

12-25-09, 11:00 PM
Look in the event log. I'm willing to bet there is a Nvlddmkm stopped responding error. When the video comes back you'll notice the game framerate being slow. That's because you'll be stuck at low power 3D mode.

In my experience the Nvlddmkm stopped responding errors come from instability outside of the graphics card. CPU, memory, and motherboard instability can cause it. Is anything overlocked? I see that you have 8GB of RAM on an nForce 5. I'll put money on that being the cause.

12-26-09, 06:34 AM
Yup, I've got the nvlddmkm stopped responding error.

However on this particular build CoD:MW2 runs fine. Only Batman appears to suffer from this. Even then it doesn't crash. THe screen blacks out and then runs fine. I miss a few seconds of graphics.

Nothing is overclocked. The memory is in fact underclocked DDR2-800 running at DDR2-667.

I can't install nvidia's latest nforce drivers as the ethernet component caps network speeds at 100 mbps. Uninstalling the ethernet driver and using Win7's default driver allows full 1gbps operation. This is fairly critical to me as I move large VMs around between a laptop and this machine.

12-27-09, 02:07 AM
Does the error happen pretty fast after you start playing?

12-27-09, 09:10 AM
Does the error happen pretty fast after you start playing?

It varies. During a 3 hour session it will happen mebbe 4-5 times but it always recovers.

Once it slowed down and I had to restart the game.

In the last 3-4 levels it happened at the cutscenes and skipped over them.

I never got this with the same driver with CoD:MW2 on the same machine.

I guess it's the strain of running this game. I used to get it at the desktop occasionally with older drivers under Vista x64, but not in a long time.

This has never happened on the same hardware on Vista x64 during gameplay.