View Full Version : Great cheap (PC) co-op game suggestions?

12-28-09, 05:18 PM
I can't afford two copies of L4D2 right now... :(

I gotta get two so Queen Trigger & I can enjoy it together, as we had a blast with the demo; her on the desk PC and me on the media PC.

In all the years I've had multiple systems up and running in my residences, I never really got into setting up the same game on multiple systems... (I went to a buddy's house to enjoy LAN games of BF1942 quite a bit though) ... there never was anyone else there to enjoy the games with me. But L4D2 really showed QT & I that we can have a lot of fun gaming together.

Granted, both of us aren't FPS experts... Sure, she's beaten Wolf3D, Portal & HL2, and I've had varying degrees of success in RTCW:ET, Doom 3, Bioshock & others, but we're not that darn good @ FPSes. We sure enjoy them IF they have accessible and engaging action though.

I had considered getting another copy of some of the games I already have, like Halo 2, Gears of War, UT2k4 or UT3...

.. but I'm open to new suggestions.

We want to play something together (that doesn't cost much) while we wait for the penny jar to fill up. :D

12-28-09, 05:59 PM
Serious Sam HD.


Only $15 right now.

12-28-09, 06:07 PM
L4D2 was $33 on Steam like two days ago, and I believe it's on for $37 right now, so that's not a bad deal.

Other games I can recommend.

EA has Red Alert 3 for $10. It has co-op for the entire campaign and it's a great RTS in my opinion.

SWAT 4 is on sale for $7.50 at D2D.

Unreal pack (including Unreal 3) is $13 on Steam.

Killing Floor is $5 on Steam and it's esentially a co-op game (kinda like L4D Survival almost).

If you want "cheap" games, check out the digital sales at D2D, Steam, EA Store, and I guess Impulse might have a sale too.

12-28-09, 06:59 PM
Serious Sam HD.


Only $15 right now.

With Serious Sam you don't have to be good at FPS just point and shoot:D

12-28-09, 09:28 PM
Rainbow 6 Vegas 1 and 2 are each about $10.

12-29-09, 02:54 AM
Halo2 is crap.
I recommend Gears of war. Really quite best old style coop

12-29-09, 03:09 AM
Does it have to be FPS?
Commandos 2 and 3 are now very cheap for the holiday deals and they are very fun to play coop online.

12-29-09, 04:18 AM
Halo2 is crap.

Hey now! It has run great on all of my Vista rigs, and it has always run slickly and smoothly. Try again. :p

Halo2 is crap.
I recommend Gears of war. Really quite best old style coop

There you go. Agreed. :thumbsup: ... Too bad it's $35 + shipping everywhere.

Does it have to be FPS?

Doesn't really have to be an FPS, no...

An added bonus would be wireless xbox360 pad support :D ... but I know that with cheaper games that's not gonna be the easiest find.

Pretty good suggestions so far, guys... I've been considering BF2 of BF2142 as well...

Does Quake 4 or Prey have co-op?

12-29-09, 05:02 AM

Does Quake 4 or Prey have co-op?no

12-29-09, 05:55 AM
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was a great suggestion.

Newegg has the game for $7.99: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16832138044&cm_re=rainbow_six_vegas_2-_-32-138-044-_-Product

12-29-09, 10:09 AM
Serious Sam HD.


Only $15 right now.

This. Serious sam is the greatest co-op game ever to have lived.

12-29-09, 10:13 AM
Last Man Standing Mod (http://doom3coop.com/) for Doom3

Doom 3 and XP + Classic Doom mod all make for some good coop.

01-04-10, 11:58 PM
I found what may be an enjoyable game for us, for $10 for both copies... and co-op is reportedly pretty good.

Conflict: Denied Ops




This might get us by until we can afford 2 copies of L4D2.