View Full Version : 8800 GT Gigabyte Overclocked model. Screen goes black and in suspension mode in game.

01-03-10, 02:27 PM
I'm playing Runes of Magic. I'm surprised these free games are using my system this heavily.

I'm getting problems with it crashing to desktop or leaving my monitor in suspended mode. If it does leave the monitor blank I have to restart the PC I get a GPU etc error beep from my motherboard. Any idea why this could be? I was having issues with it resetting my settings in the game when I started going towards an area called forgotten abbey in an instance if anyone is familiar with the game.

Any clue what causes this. I'm curious about any aspect of how it works.

I forgot the reason I put it in here is when I have to reset it after the crash if the screen goes black is It resets with an error code beep for a GPU error. NVM I said that.....

Is this the right forum BTW? I'll take stuff directly related to the card only if it keeps it in the right area. How exactly does the error occur in relation to the card? 8) does anyone know anything about the architecture or the details of how cards function.

Someone on the site forums thinks it's overheating BTW. Does that sound right? Personally I'm not sure if the powersupply is adequate or not. I've never been certain.

My setup is:
q6600 G0
Gigabyte GA-ep35-Ds3r
Corsair 650 WAtt power supply
Gigabyte 8800GT I'm not sure if it is the GV-NX88t512HP or 256H. I think it's the 512.
1 250gig hdd
4gigs 2x2gig. DDR2 1000 Forgot the manufacturer.
Iiyama HM903DT B monitor.

01-05-10, 04:28 PM
This is also occuring with a simple CTD of the game. Not sure what it's related to. Thought maybe it was the card related in some way. Or if anyone knows what the card does if it is related.

01-05-10, 11:16 PM
It's most likely a game related issue. It's a free game.
Have you tried asking for support on the games forums?

There is a support section there and I'm sure this problem has at least happened to a few others that have played that game. Check it out. If that fails then you'll need to get a bit more technical and give us a bit more detail.

01-07-10, 07:44 PM
I have looked. I have a thread there but I'm not even sure where to start.. I'm trying to widdle stuff down on there. They keep telling me it's hardware related. Which is getting very tiring. When was the last time someone in this situation didn't say it was something else..?

Do you have any idea what, if it's related to say the card being overwhelmed, in newer games like this could cause crashes? Like a type of ram on it or something? Do you guys have a broad and detailed list of stuff about graphics cards designs and setting laying around anywhere?

Since I'm on this topic. Do you know what to use to remove the manufacturers OC on one of these. Does nvidia have a tool that allows it to be modified. I can't find one. I have one of gigabytes OCed models.

Here is my thread in the tech forum:


I'm getting really damn tired of idiots like this always telling everyone you should buy new hardware to troubleshoot. Especially when these idiots seem to have the computer knowledge of my ****ing grandmother.

Donwloaded and installed rivtuner. I set it the timings to what I looked up to be the stock settings for the card. 600 core 1500 shader and 900 mem. still crashed. In the area I'm having the issues with atleast. i"m hoping to see if I can fine something to stop it in that area so I can get past it and keep playing. Wondering if it could be related to some issue with a card seting or something. I can't get them to tell me that info. Since they insist on running memtest or other things first. and I"m ignoring is cry for memtest because he's trying to pus that if it's not htat nothing else could be the problem. And then say I have to buy it or there's nothing else I can do but buy a card and then he'll just push it constantly and then really become an ass.

I'm not buying a new card for this game. I can techinally avoid the zone and level elsewhere. But since I"m in it and was playing for a while after I reinstalled quite safely I thought I'd find someting out about it and try to find an answer to waht was causing it. Since they can't provide even the most basic info I decided to put it here. and I started thinking it had to be graphics card so I posted it here. so if you have anything that could help diagnos the card or something like it's anti stropic settings to see if there are problems it would help. Thanks.

BTW when I first went in the zone early when playing before It I had problems and had to stay out of it. But after I reinstalled the game it was fine for a bit. Is that significant? I have no idea what is causing this. Never got into software or anything else enough sadly..

Edit: I now only get a crash to the desktop it no longer for whatever reason(maybe the sound driver chanage or the reinstall) Doesn't make me reset the comp anymore that I can remember. Is that indicative of hardware or software? Or is that to vague to go on?