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01-04-10, 02:52 PM
Hi Everyone

I hope you can help me out, as im really puzzled with this problem

I have had a PC from MESH for 2 years all running fine, until last week when the PC wouldnt POST when I turned it on one morning, here is my spec

Intel Q6600 Quad 2.4 (Stock)
4gb DDR2
PNY Geforce 8800GTX
Coolmaster Case with 550w PSU

The error was "beeeeeep beep beep beep" I looked this up on the ASUS website which send no Video card detected or video card error

So I borrowed a basic radeon card off a mate and pluged it in and it booted up fine, so I assumed the card was bust, as it was out of warrenty I thought oh well I had 2 years use, no probs I ordered a GTX275 which is now on its way to me.

Today my mate asked if I still had the card and if he could try it in his rig to replace his 7900GS, I thought yeah why not, pluged it in worked no probs even with only power pin connected, running games flat out everything, I dont know the full spec of his machines, but we tried it in 2 and they are around this spec

intel core 2 duo 2.1ghz
Not sure of the motherboard
450w PSU

So thought ok lets try it in my rig and nope same error, I pluged in his 7900GS and that worked fine on my rig, plays games everything no probs

So im really puzzled how the 8800GTX will no longer even post on my machine but runs fine on 2 other PCS of a lesser spec, I could understand it could be a motherboard problem if only a basic card works on my rig, but the 7900GS is also running fine and that is a powerful card that requires ext power, not as powerful as the 8800GTX I know but its got to be a fine line.

So the thing im worried about is am I going to have the same problem with the GTX275 and if its something else wrong in my rig, can someone please help !!!!

01-04-10, 04:02 PM
Looking around on the net and the 8800GTX needs 221w to idle and the 7900GS only needs 105w and the GTX275 needs 177w

The 7900GS uses 190w + when running on load with 3D games, when I use the ASUS Probe to monitor and hasnt crashed (although runs like crap compared to the 8800GTX which my mate is happy enjoying)

Do you think its a power issue ????

01-05-10, 12:20 AM
Is your PSU modular? IF so, did you try re-plugging the power connectors at the PSU side?

01-05-10, 03:26 AM
Hi BCKator

No its not the wires are hard wired into the PSU, here are the outputs of the PSU currently

vcore - 1.30v
+3.3 - 3.38v
+5.0 - 4.96v
+12.0 - 12.22v



01-05-10, 03:44 AM
Wow... very very strange.

Just some random ideas:

Unplug your computer and clear the CMOS... something BIOS related may have screwed itself up somehow.

Check to make sure that nothing on the 8800 is touching anything that it shouldn't be touching when you plug it in. You may even want to try taking the parts out of the case and setting it up on the floor or a desk to see if it still has problems without any case.

Unplug all of your drives, cards, monitor, peripherals, etc... except for your 8800, to see if it might be some kind of strange conflict or a power issue.

See if your friend will let you borrow one of his power supplies. Normally, I would never try running a power hungry 8800GTX on a 450W power supply, but if it worked in his system, it'd be worth trying it in yours. Just to be safe, unplug all your drives and extra cards and turn off any overclock settings.

If the power supply is the culprit, it could just be a loose pin in one of your PCI-E power connectors. You could either try to fix it, or just use a 2x molex to PCI-E adapter, bypassing your existing PCI-E power cable.

Good luck man. I want to know how this works out. :)

01-05-10, 04:56 AM
Thanks CaptNKILL

Oh yeah this is a strange one and got me really puzzled

I havent tried clearing the CMOS yet will give that a go, would pulling off the battery for a few minutes do the trick or would I need to find out the correct jumper setting to clear it ?

The 8800GTX it so tight in the case and its resting against power cables, so that is worth a shot

At the moment the PSU has one dedicated PCI-E connector and the other power source is 2x molex to PCI-E adapter,

I'll give these a go and post back, but wont be able to get my 8800GTX back till tomorrow and hopefully tomorrow should have the GTX275 anyway so I can try the above if it dosent post

Thanks for the advice :) I'll keep you informed, if you think of anything else to try please let me know so I can try out a few different things

01-09-10, 01:32 PM
Hi All im back

I have my GTX275 turn up today and plugged it in and booted up no probs (touching wood as I type), I have been running it all day and its been chewing through top games like Dirt 2, Badlands etc all at high spec and runs like a dream

So what gives ???

I tried my old 8800GTX again and it still wont boot in my PC, but runs fine in my mates PC and this GTX275 is running fine in mine

So ok im not to bothered I havent had an upgrade in a while and the GTX275 seams to be a lot faster than what my 8800GTX was peforming, but Im reluctened to sell the 8800GTX just incase there is a problem with it so my mate wins with a free 8800GTX

So Strange, will post back if I have any further problems but fingers crossed all is sorted :afro:

01-10-10, 02:26 PM
That is very strange.

Did you have a chance to do any of the trouble shooting steps I mentioned? If the 275 works fine my guess would be that the 8800 was touching something it shouldn't have been touching in the case.

01-14-10, 03:48 PM

Yeah I tried everything, even give my whole system a full dust with a air can and a hover to make sure no dust was lodged somewhere.

I really dont know what it is, but the 275 is the same size as the 8800GTX and is sitting exactly as the old card did and works fine, I have been flat out playing games with all max settings and its fine, but that 8800GTX will no longer post in my system, but then runs fine in other PC's

Oh well just one of those things, I've had an update, my mate had a free graphics card and im just happy to be playing PC games again - ha ha

Thanks very much for the advice :afro: