View Full Version : Which Nvidia Brand?

07-03-03, 11:45 PM

I am wanting to buy a high end Nvidia card to replace my ATI brand and noticed that there are lots of brands that make the Nvidia card like Asus and Leadtek. What brands would you recommend? :)



07-04-03, 12:36 AM
I've heard good things about Gainward.

Although, MSI is a reference designer for NV, so...either of those 2 I guess :)

07-04-03, 01:08 AM
Hi mitchelson.

You're from the same state as me. :) what area are you in?

In the latest 5900 rounded up that I read ( http://www.gamepc.com/labs/view_content.asp?id=3x5900u&page=1 ) it stated that all 5900's are built equal. So I guess the best choice is the cheapest one. We can't get them here yet though can we? well maybe a couple at a high price, but not too many options.