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07-04-03, 02:04 AM

I am trying to find some Dawn pics for wallpapering my PC ;)

anyone know where to get any? (nude patch AND regular) preferably 1280x1024 or 1600x1200

I dont have a GeForce FX....yet ;) so I have to rely on others to get a good wallpaper for Dawn. I have Dusk wallpapers straight from NV. But none for Dawn :(

07-04-03, 10:57 AM
here's an idea... why not click on the search button, search for dawn, and find all the posts that contain the word dawn... there are a few dawn threads loaded with screen shots on this forum and thats how i was able to find them. also check out rage3d.com's board they also have a few threads filled with pictures.

07-04-03, 02:13 PM
But there is even more...

Try google and you'll find http://thedollnet.com/arlene/dawn.jpg !

In fact, Dawn is actually on the center of the web. And not only can you order her there, but in addition it'll cost just 6 bucks! What do you mean, we would know it already? Check that page, at centeroftheweb.com:

The Net, I should be used to it, but it never cease to amaze me! ;)

PS: You can also check nvidia.com, they have a pair of nice high-res Dawn wallpaper there...
(and just in case, I have no link or interest with that site and what they sells)

07-05-03, 12:39 AM
I have tried your methods of "searching" and all I can find are SMALL pictures, I need/want HUGE ones...and no one seems to have any, however I did Find "dusk" pictures at NV's site, but no Dawn

07-05-03, 03:52 AM
Today, forum 101!

You have to take a bit more time and not just browse the threads at high speed. You should never find high-res pictures in a forum thread, because they make the page so fat it would take ages to download it with mere 56k modems! So the pictures posted in the forums are normally reasonably sized, and often a link is provided to a high-res version of the picture, either by clicking directly on the picture, or in the text of the post - read it! You'll also sometimes find in the posts links to sites that contains the pictures, just pay attention when browsing the thread.

A point of netiquette: The good people who made these sites often use a free or near-free web space, the limit being that they can't provide download volumes high enough for, well, let's say the general public. Significant download volume isn't free! That's why you won't find here a simple list of link to these site, at least not from me: this forum is read enough for me not to take risks for the people who take the time to make those sites. To let people search a bit is an efficient way of making sure that the people wanting these pictures enough can get them without much trouble, while filtering enough to avoid to kill those sites with massive downloads.

Sites which have no trouble to provide high download volumes usually have registered themselve in search engines, so that you can easily find them with a Google search for instance.

Of course, for nVidia, a few wallpaper downloads aren't going to put them at risk! :p

Dawn demo page, click on the images on the right:


(all you had to do was go to nvidia.com, type-in Dawn in the search field, press Enter, and follow the links...)

Have fun and happy search! :)

07-05-03, 04:40 AM
it doesnt matter now, just ordered my Gainward 5900 Ultra :) I'll make my own wallpaper :D

07-05-03, 04:47 AM
Wow... Never underestimate the power of Dawn! ;)
Happy 3D then!