View Full Version : 9800GT is noticeably worse than 7800GTX at anti-aliasing?

01-10-10, 02:51 PM
First of all, I have a 17" CRT and game at 1280x960 resolution.

Now, I just swapped out my 7800GTX for a new 9800GT and while it's a nice upgrade in performance, the quality of AA is much much lower.

And I am not speaking subjectively either. The 7800GTX could produce a far smoother image at 1280x960 8xS than the 9800GT is producing at 1280x960 16xS!
Even 1280x960 32xS is slightly more shimmery than 1280x960 8xS was on the 7800GTX. Ridiculous!

Also all the new MSAA modes pretty much suck. Where the 7800GTX produced some very high quality images with 4x MSAA at 1280x960, the 9800GT has jaggies and shimmering all over :(.

Someone please tell me I am not just seeing things here.

Johnny C
01-11-10, 10:34 AM
What drivers are you using for the 9800GT? Did you do a fresh driver install?