View Full Version : What can I OC my BFG TI4600 too safely stock using coolbits?

07-04-03, 07:59 AM
Just wanna get the most out of my card until I upgrade it. But I don't want to fry it either.

07-04-03, 08:04 AM
Every card is different so no one will be able to give you a definite answer. Start by bumping up the core and memory in 5 MHz increments then run some graphically intensive material (this is the one and only area where I find 3DMark useful). If the game locks up, the core is clocked too high. If you see artifacts (and you'll know what they look like when you see 'em) the memory is too high.

For Ti4600 cards, usually about 315-320 MHz on the core and 700 MHz on the RAM is a good jumping off point and you can go from there.

07-04-03, 10:43 PM
I had a Xtasy TI 4600 reversion2 and it would overclock stable with no artifacts at 335/750 useing coolbits,I kept it at 325/730 all the time and never had no problems,but ever card overclocks different so the best way is to increase at 5 mhz at a time and when you start haveing lockups or artifacts then decrease the clock about 10 mhz and memory by 20 mhz or that's what I did,I bought it as soon as it came out,I think it been about a year ago or longer and it ran all my games and benchmarks with never a problem,been one of the best cards I had ,but I had to upgrade,but it's still going strong in my kids cumputer.