View Full Version : July 4th weekend here. Shelves packed with 5900's?

07-04-03, 02:56 PM
Heh. I know plenty of online vendors have them. If anyone reports them being
for sale in major store chains, (Best Buy,
CompUSA, etc) please post. Mention your city too.

"Nvidia confirms that its latest high-end graphics card will be available in stores across North America in time for the July 4 weekend."


07-04-03, 02:59 PM
Nope, none of my local CompUSA's have them in stock...they say it should be in soon, but they don't know when.

07-04-03, 03:14 PM
well, I took a drive to bestbuy this morning to do my usua;l browsing, and the guy said the 5900s will be shipped out to the stores around the 8th or 9th here. I'm in NY in case you wanna know ;)

07-04-03, 05:48 PM
We have bootleg versions here already :p

07-04-03, 05:56 PM
The 5900 Ultras from Gainward and ASUS arrived today in Germany in bigger quantities. I just bought mine and will install it very very soon :) Just need to get some things finished first...