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01-24-10, 07:08 AM
This Accelero Xteme GTX280 is compatible with most "standard" nVIDIA GeForce GTX 260, GTX 280 and GTX 285 896mb/1gb models.
Very quiet and effective cooling. I used this on my 2gb MSI superpipe and only the HSF component would fit(with mods) so it comes with all the heat tape and heatsinks unused. I did have to make slight mods to the unit, they do not effect operation and are not visible when installed. An inside corner of the fins had to be bent to avoid a cap and a small area of the fan shroud had to be ground down to fit the case plate on my card.
• Extreme cooling performance - up to 250 Watts
• 3 ultra quiet 92mm PWM fans with low noise impeller
• Efficient heat dissipation via 5 heatpipes
• Patented fan holder eliminates the buzzing sounds
• RAM and voltage regulator cooling
• SLI compatible
• 1000 - 2000 RPM (controlled by PWM)
• 81 CFM


$30 shipped in the conUS

My Heat (http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=29397) / pay-pal ok

01-24-10, 01:06 PM
You're alive!

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You're alive!

I am
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I'll take it.
Where should I send pymt?

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I'll take it.
Where should I send pymt?
PM me and we'll talk about it.