View Full Version : After installing Counter-Strike 1.5 ...

09-02-02, 03:35 PM
CS_ARABSTREETS is not listed anymore. Why?

09-02-02, 03:51 PM

i think they removed the map from the 1.5 pakfile

They did the same with jeepathon2k long ago.

Ah well, CS sucks so why bother playing?

Get a new game! :)

09-02-02, 03:53 PM
they trim the embedded levels every patch, and put new ones in. unfortunately, in 1.4 Vertigo, and Thunder were also removed to make room for 3 crap levels - torn, storm, and piranesi. waste of maps. I'd have arabstreets any day over those 3.

09-02-02, 05:48 PM
maybe they removed it because the name was "politically incorrect?"

afaik, pakfiles can be as big or as small as you want. no reason to have to "make room'" for maps.

Or maybe they just get rid of some maps because THEY think they suck, not necessarily the same opinion that the community shares.

09-02-02, 06:29 PM
"make room" applies to file size downloads. They have kept the sizes somewhat stable over the last few releases by dropping maps here and there out of their rotation. It's nothing more than convenience for slowpingers.