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07-05-03, 08:31 PM
Click here (http://www.3dgamers.com/news/more/1057322541/) to download it.

07-06-03, 11:16 AM
didn't fix ANY of my issues...still can't read a menu, or see the FMV

07-06-03, 05:24 PM
hey Matthy... I had that problem when I set the "frame rate compensation" to smooth instead of fast... give it a try...

07-06-03, 06:41 PM
Originally posted by Pafet
hey Matthy... I had that problem when I set the "frame rate compensation" to smooth instead of fast... give it a try... well waddaya know!!!

fixed the menu, but the FMV is still dead...

07-06-03, 07:52 PM
well, after a reboot, the FMV is back, and I'm actually playing it now! weeeeeeeeeeeeee

07-07-03, 04:43 AM
COOL! it gets better after a while... but I hope Lara will get faster than in the first levels.

BTW anyone with DX9 can compare PS versions and maybe take screenshots??? my 4200ti is only able to turn on about HALF of the options :(
I knew this would happen.. developers seem to prefer higher PS versions for obvious reasons

07-07-03, 01:58 PM
Originally posted by Pafet
COOL! it gets better after a while... but I hope Lara will get faster than in the first levels.

BTW anyone with DX9 can compare PS versions and maybe take screenshots??? my 4200ti is only able to turn on about HALF of the options :(
I knew this would happen.. developers seem to prefer higher PS versions for obvious reasons What what what? What are the rest of your specs? I could even run it almost maxxed out on my PIII 600 GF3 ti200 @ 800x600. I'm sure the PS2 version doesn't have any of the nifty features, because well, their hardware doesn't support it. Just look at the first level, check out the puddles. I bet you won't see that anywhere on a PS2.

07-08-03, 05:50 AM
quoting from the "Nvidia GeForce4 Ti 4200" settings bar
(these are not available):

use cg compiler
PS 1.4, 2.0
dser clip planes (???)
depth of field
room/charecter reflactions and retractions
PS 2.0 shadows
shadow rooms (!!!)

07-08-03, 04:57 PM
Excuse my dumb ass but what is "FMV". I keep seeing references to it but don't know what it is.

No cut lows please. A simple explanation would be nice. :confused:

07-08-03, 05:21 PM
Full Motion Video, aka cut scenes

07-08-03, 05:41 PM
Got it, thanks.

My cutscenes work but I do notice voices are not synced right with the lips. The lips stop moving and the words are still coming and not just a word or two either.

07-09-03, 12:10 PM
ohh so u cant have all the settings maxed on a Ti4200? damn

07-09-03, 02:27 PM
Hell, you can't even have all settings maxed on a 9800 Pro.

For some parts I can but on others (like the graveyard for example) I have to turn it down to 'fastest' (which looks like utter crap) still at 1024x768x32@100hz or it's just flat out unplayable (I would guess the Graveyard scene runs less than 5 fps at full max settings, 4X FSAA). So I find myself changing the settings depending on where I'm at in the game.

One thing I did find is related to the comments of Lara running in slow motion at the start of moving her. If I turn down the settings to 'fastest', this doesn't happen at all. But who the hell want's to play the game that way.

07-09-03, 02:42 PM
People are playing though this game?

Arent you guys sick of tomb raider yet? its all been downhill since tomb raider 2.. handles like a weeble going downhill and doesnt play.. Guy at work bought that, and i INISTED he bought MSG2 substance with it (both for ps2) and return one of them on the 10 day eb returns policy..

guess which one he returned..

tomb raider should just go away, its not gonna be profitable without a major overhaul, nevermind the storyline, what about the way it plays!!!!!


07-09-03, 04:34 PM
it does get better...

the graphics are COOL!! I love that heat haze (cause it works) and the physics are nice too

* don't judge the gfx from this pic.

07-10-03, 01:04 AM
ok ill rephrase my origional statement

"never mind storyline and gfx, what about how the thing plays?!!!!!"

07-10-03, 01:56 PM
the graphics are really awesome at some parts, like theres a lava room with everything blurs because of the heat, and water reflects everything. the bumps also add alot. only prob is those low resolution textures when they don't come with bumps.

The Paris part at the start is lame and gets choppy.

as for the handling of Lara... too slow (may be due to the frame limiter), sometimes she takes a few steps before running, you can't jump and then turn 180 deg. like in the past and I can't seem to sprint :confused:

I remember something about the game having 3 parts, like stealthier part, then action part and finally a part where you can play as a man... I hope this is still the first one

07-10-03, 03:27 PM
I do find myself getting used to this game and actually like it. The controls are the part I don't like and that I have to do extra things like kick down the detail in certain areas to maintain playability and then go back again. The controls remain aggrevating, especially in tight spaces, going up stairs where Lara seems to go where she wants and those irrating times like being closed to a rail, pushing the forward button and Lara just takes it upon herself to climb the rail and jump right off. Crazy bitch! I don't know if it's a driver issue or game issue but there are the graphic defects like when walking down a tunnel and seeing the popping polygons at top right and left of screen and ocassional missing leg or legs when Lara is in certain places.

07-15-03, 08:44 AM
get this...

too many bugs :(

07-15-03, 10:40 AM
you ever read the readme?

says there were no known issues!


07-15-03, 11:00 AM
Man, this is the bloodiest POS game I have EVER seen! It makes GTA3 look like a high-quality port! :mad:

I really like TR even though the last few ones have been lame and was hoping this would capture some of the fun of the first game, but I'm finding it a bloody chore to get the damned game to run and when I finally can it not only runs badly but it ain't no fun! :(

A definate "pass until a REAL patch!" game for me. :mad:

07-15-03, 05:31 PM
Runs great on my machine. Haven't got to the graveyard level yet. This machine rocks!

07-15-03, 07:11 PM


this game could be SO good!! but NOOOOO

07-15-03, 08:20 PM
I get pretty much the same thing as everyone else so I just thought I'd toss in my little section here.
The stretched polys like in Pafet's pic above happen for me only when lara first falls into the dumpster... but the slowdown before running... happens all of the time. even with all detail turned totally down it's still suuuuuper slow to start off, then she seems to just magically jump up and run at 100fps or so. It's really irritating to have such a sluggish feeling character... I guess with all the new GFX the few "extra pounds ;)" they added to her make her a bit uncoordinated *shrug*

07-15-03, 11:09 PM
I don't think a patch is going to do much for this game. It's beyond a patch. It needs a complete overhaul.

These are my issues after playing this game all the way through:

I like the storyline. I like the graphics.

Now this is what I don't like.

1. This engine needs to get rid of the grid system it uses in the automated movements. This is the stupid way this game controls movement like when getting close to a certain object, the character then does a pre coded movement that cannot be changed by the user. This is just terrible and causes so many problems in this game. These movements need to be totally controlled by the user, like having to use the action key to initiate the movement. This grid systems causes problems when being close to anything, get too close to a rail, Lara will take it upon herself to jump on the rail and then just jump off, Going up stairs or being close to something causes Lara to spin around, bump into things and end up going the wrong direction, etc.

2. Get rid of the stupid automatic aiming. This ruins this game. When guns are drawn the movements are severly limited to what can be done. Get too close to an enemy you lose control entirely, being sucked into the enemy. The way it is you have to holster the weapon, then move and then try to draw again to shoot. This just causes way too much hesitation and loss of control. The 'end' button to change targets is a total joke. If they are going to have a button to change targets, at least make the dam thing work right. The way it is now, even with weapon drawn, you still roll when hitting the button which now places you somewhere else where you can't take the shot you wanted.

3. Improve game coding to eliminate the terrible slows downs. This is just plain bad and show sloppiness in the way this game was made. Seems when you need quick movements the most is when the movements are at their worst. Even in the same scenes Lara's walk speed will be fine and then slowed down to a crawl and then fine again in a distance of 10 feet or so. Some scenes like the graveyard are so bad you move the mouse and the scene turns a second later. Luckily there are no enemies there or you'd never get out. The stupid ghost. Game runs a certain speed and each time the ghost runs over you the game turns to a crawl until the ghost passes (those were just a couple of examples, there are many many more). There is just no reason for this game to run like this.

3. Cutscenes. Lips do not match the wording at all. Characters are completely done moving their lips and whole sentences are still coming. Some cutscenes don't come on at all.

4. Graphical glitches. Missing limbs (no head, missing leg or both legs, entire missing top torso) at times. Completely ridiculous. Popping in and out of textures when getting close to walls or objects. Clipping problems of limbs going into walls.

5. Controls again. The setup should allow assigning a function to either a mouse or keyboard and not having separate keyboard and mouse sections which really restricts what you do with you controls. The shift button for toggled walk/run does not work right at all. Sometimes you have to hold it down to walk (does not toggle) and other times it will stay on walk and hitting the button to get back to run does nothing, making you finish the level on walk.

If this game didn't have those problems I would have no problem giving it a 9/10. The potential was definitely there but got really screwed up along the way.

If the game had controls like other successful first or third person shooters like NOLF2, SOF2, Drakan, Unreal2, Serious Sam 1&2, Splinter Cell, and a host of others and ran like those games, this game would rock. Why it does not have the similarities of the above games in the areas mentioned is beyond me, it could have been done, but wasn't.

Probably the best thing I liked about this game was Lara's voice acting. I could sit and listen to her talk all day. And the drawing of Lara is quite nice. But those are not enough to bail out this game.

On the Eidos forum, some guys are giving this game a 10/10, 9/10/, 8/10. Wow! Dunno what game they are playing. It's probably from the youngsters watching Lara crawl from behind and watching the jiggling boobs. Heh.